Email Management - Quick Tips

Keep your inbox as empty as possibleMove important messages to proper sub-folders or delete unwanted right away.Delete e-mails that are no longer required (outdated meeting notices, newsletters of no real value)Keep inbox free of clutter and make easier to sport important messages.
Stop unnecessary emails Eliminate sources of unnecessary e-mails
Unsubscribe Non-Work related (Jokes, Promo emails) or make it weekly/monthly update for needed one.Mark as Spamas soon as you find it. (unknown senders, &%9SD@* subjects etc) DO NOT try your luck Apply rules for unwanted emails.
Organize EmailsConsider inbox/draft/sent items as temporary storage for emails.Create Folders/Labels wisely and use proper names for folders (Based on subject/Actions).Move items from Sent Items to appropriate folders.Got an email thread with 10+ continuous conversations ? Keep the latest one only Use proper filters (based on sender, subject, Special words) and make email organized automatically.
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